DIY Projects

Replacing Broken Glass
  • WindowPro can assist you with replacing broken glass. Contact us to set an appointment now. 

Loose Window Sash


  • ​​Replacing the parting track with a new one is often the solution. An easier fix is to add an insultation strip to the face of the old parting strip, as it may take up just enough slack in your window, and it adds a measure of protection against the elements. Contact a WindowPro Professional today we'll help you choose the best solution. 


Screen Repairs


  • Small Hole Repair:

    • For very small holes (size of pencil eraser) use clear nail polish to seal the hole shut. For larger holes, apply waterproof caulking or clear, all purpose glue. Apply in thick layers, allowing each to dry, so it adheres to the screen properly.


  • Torn Screen Repair:

    • Use a needle and thread to easily fix a slit or tear in your screen. Be sure to match your thread color to the color of your screen. As you sew the hole shut, keep the thread tight enough so that the area you are repairing does not sag, but don't pull too tight as this may cause further damage. 


  • Large Hole Repair:

    • Use leftover screen material or purchase a patching kit from a hardware store to repair a screen with a large hole. Use a metal patch for metal screens, a fiberglass patch for fiberglass screens. Read all manufacturer's instructions first. Use sharp scissors to trim the ragged sides of the hole. Then, cut a patch that will completely cover the damaged area, plus extend beyond it about a quarter of an inch all the way around. Use the adhesives included in the kit and secure the patch into place.




Window & Door Cleaning
  • Do not power-wash or use a garden hose; this can cause seal failure or allow water to enter the structure

  • Avoid using metal tools, razor blades, or other sharp metal objects and abrasive cleaners as they can damage window surfaces, scratch glass and remove glass coatings.

  • Avoid cleaning glass in direct sunlight as this may cause streaking.

  • Avoid cleaning glass that is very cold. Cleaning solution may not dry properly.

  • Follow all instructions and warning labels prior to cleaning windows and doors when using commercial cleaning products.

  • Do not allow aggressive cleaners to come in contact with vinyl, metal clad, or wood surfaces.

  • Do not allow cleaners to puddle or collect at glass edges near glazing materials.

Weather Stripping Maintenance
  • Denatured alcohol is recommended for non-water soluble cleaning. Other solvents as minerals spirits or petroleum-based products may damage or dissolve the weather strip.

  • When using alcohol, always test small area first to avoid product damage.

  • Always heed warnings and instructions on manufacturers' labels.

  • Do not allow solvents or silicone to touch wood or clad surfaces around weather strip.

  • Do not use abrasives, sanders or anything sharp near weather strip.

Screen Inspections
  • Inspect for cuts, scratches, holes, or loose mesh.
  • Replace or repair damaged screens.

  • If replacement is necessary, Contact WindowPro for ordering information.

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