Historic Restoration

Historic Window & Door Restoration Services
Historic properties have special needs when it comes to windows and doors, and if your historic property is in need of restoration then you have some serious planning ahead. Finding the right hardware, tools, and even components of any historic restoration is a challenge, but one may not see the challenge clearly until they get down to the details. Little details can make or break the historic restoration project such as finding the exact doorknob or a specific type of window latch. WindowPro knows this all too well! After all, WindowPro has over 70 years of experience, and has amassed an incredible amount of knowledge in that time.

This knowledge is practical for anyone planning a historic restoration that involves windows and/or doors. WindowPro can make the entire process substantially easier by offering the following services:

  • Professional advice from experts that truly know about historic restorations. WindowPro hires experts that have a professional background in historic restoration projects providing advice and knowledge to many customers and contractors.

  • WindowPro can take on any job, at any time. Whether you need planning advice or parts, someone to tackle the entire job, or just a hand on installation, WindowPro is there for you!

  • WindowPro can find any piece of hardware whether it's rare or obscure. We can find just about anything on the market. WindowPro will find it!

  • We understand your time is valuable. Restorations of historic properties can take a lot of work hours, and WindowPro is only interested in one thing, getting the job done right and on time!

  • WindowPro doesn't just install and/or repair windows and doors on historic properties, WindowPro can repaint and reseal them to match exsisting standards too!  


Historic Commercial Window & Door Restoration

If you own a historic building or are in charge of a historic renovation project, be very careful to not overlook the value of historic door and window restoration and replacement services. WindowPro specializes in historic restorations, and has a long list of services that should you find irresistible:

  • Assessment: Our highly trained experts can evaluate your historic property's windows and doors and find the most effective solution to meet your needs.

  • Replacements: We can virtually replace anything! Even if your windows and doors feature hard to find components.

  • Repairs: Maintaing the original property and value is important for both financial and emotional standpoints. WindowPro have expert staff on duty to handle historic door and window repair and restorations to maintain a property's value!

  • Painted and Sealed to Match: We can paint, seal, and color match your repaired windows and doors. Of course, WindowPro can also do the same matching if you choose new items too!

  • Save Money: WindowPro stocks several complete lines of EnergySTAR certified products that can save you money year after year while earning one significant tax credit in the immediate future. We can blend the old with the new and create historic-looking solutions that are thoroughly modern in terms of functionality and security.

Historic Home Window and Door Restoration

Trying to find that genuine door and/or window hardware piece for a historic restoration and discovering that you cant find what you need? Luckily, WindowPro has the solution.

Here's how WindowPro can help you for restoring your home:

  • Doors & Windows Under One Roof: No need to shop around for two different vendors for window and door needs, we have it all!

  • Quality Names: WindowPro supplies quality brand names with a solid reputation. WindowPro offers Pella, Marvin, Jeld-Wen and more!

  • Installation When You Need it: We can replace and restore any installation job any time of year!

  • Quick & Easy: Few tasks take longer than one or two days, no matter how big the project!

  • Save Money: A window and door project is an investment. Choosing the right windows and doors can help lower heating and cooling costs, as well as reduce the strain on a heating/air conditioning unit. 

  • Tax Break: WindowPro stocks several complete lines of EnergySTAR certified products that can save you money year after year while earning one significant tax credit in the immediate future.

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