What is weatherstrip?

Weatherstrip is a narrow piece of metal, vinyl, felt or foam that prevents air from entering or escaping around windows and doors.

How does weatherstrip prevent air filtration?

It seals the gaps between the window and door frames as well as between moving parts when windows and doors are closed.

How do I know if my weatherstrip needs replacement?

A quick and easy way to determine if your windows or doors need weatherstrip replacement is the dollar bill test. Close a window on a dollar bill; if the bill slides out easily from the edge of when the window is closed, you need to weatherproof.

How can I prevent my pets from tearing my window and door screens?

A pet resistant screen is designed to resist damage by dogs and cats. It is seven times stronger than a regular screen mesh and has excellent outward visibility.

Why do my windows fall when they're in the open position?

Double hung and single hung windows have spiral balances, block and tackle balances, counter balances, jamb liners or sash ropes on both sides which serve as the mechanism that allows the windows to open and close freely and to remain in any desired position.  These mechanisms have springs or cords that may be broken or loose which could result from normal wear and tear causing the windows to fall. Adjustment or replacement of the mechanism may be required to allow the windows to open and close freely.

Why does my glass fog?

Insulated Glass is composed of two pieces of glass bonded to a spacer that has moisture absorbing desiccant embedded into it. This desiccant has replaced the old style gas filled units. The butyl seal that bonds the glass to the spacer degrades over time and allows moisture laden air to slowly infiltrate the space. At this time, moisture begins to form and creates a fogged effect. You cannot reseal the glass. The only solution is to have the glass unit replaced. 

How can I prevent air leakage around a window or door?

Most windows or doors have either weather-stripping that degrades or peels off or loose and/or cracked exterior caulking that will cause air leakage. Therefore, the weatherstrip may need to be replaced and the exterior caulking may also need to be cleaned and re-caulked whenever it is cracked or loose. 

How can I improve energy efficiency on a single glazed window?

Storm Windows are a product that can be installed on the exterior of a window to improve thermal performance (mostly on wood windows). This is an aluminum product single glazed; it creates a space between the primary window to help improve energy efficiency. 

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